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Prep Charters' school day includes four 90-minute blocks and a 30-minute lunch period. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and selected seniors are assigned to a Career Development Internship one day each week and are off-campus at their assigned sites. Keystone Exam preparation will occur during the course of the day and additional tutoring opportunities are available before and after school.

All freshman students take the following classes:

Algebra I

Art I


Career Development I

English I

Health and Physical Education I

Spanish I

Technology I

World History

Keystone Exams are administered to all freshmen taking Algebra I and Biology, at the end of the school year.

All sophomore students take the following classes:

English II

Career Development II



Health and Physical Education II

Spanish II

Technology II

U.S. History I

Keystone Exams are administered to all sophomore students who have not attained a Proficient or Advanced from the previous school year, (December and May administration). All students will take the Keystone Literature Exam.

All junior students take the following classes:

Algebra II

Career Development III


Health and Physical Education III

Spanish III

Technology III

U.S. History II

AP Spanish *(optional)

Students who have not successfully passed the Keystone Exams by their Junior year are subject to after school tutoring or assigned project seminar coursework with an assigned supervisor, in order to prepare and complete the mandatory graduation project required by the state of Pennsylvania for graduation.

All senior students take the following classes:

Art II

English IV

Government / Geography

Health and Physical Education IV

Senior Seminar

Technology IV

Humanities Course

AP Government *(optional)

Seniors who qualify for the Dual Enrollment Program may take science and/or math at the Community College of Philadelphia. Their course selection is dependent upon their standardized test scores. Seniors who do not qualify for the program take Integrated Math and Anatomy and Physiology at Prep Charter and have Career Development IV at various sites throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Students must receive a passing grade of 70% or higher in all subjects in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Prior to entering the ninth grade, students whose placement test scores indicate academic deficiencies may enroll in our summer math program.

Students who fail one or two subjects during the school year must attend Prep Charter High School's summer school program. Summer school tuition is $250.00 per class. Students may not attend any summer school program except those offered at Prep Charter. Students who fail a summer school class are subject to grade level retention.

Students who fail more than two, (2) subjects during the school year are subject to grade level retention and must choose between the following options:

A: Students with three or more failures on the final report card are subject to grade level retention, will repeat all the subjects therein, and must attend summer school for two non-credit content-area classes of remediation at their own expense of $250.00 per subject. They must also attend daily tutoring for all classes throughout the school year. Students who fail to adhere to these policies may be considered as academically indifferent and may be brought before the Board of Trustees for possible expulsion.

B. Students may transfer to another school and should notify Prep Charter High School of that intention prior to June 30th, so that their records can be prepared.

Grading Scale for The Preparatory Charter High School

A= (95 to 100) GPA=4.0

A- = (90 to 94.99) GPA=3.7

B+ = (86 to 89.99) GPA=3.3

B = (83 to 85.99) GPA=3.0

B- = (80 to 82.99) GPA=2.7

C+ = (76 to 79.99) = 2.5

C= (72 to 75.99) GPA=2.0

C- = (70 to 71.99) GPA = 1.7

F = Any Grade Below 70%

As one of the first public, charter high schools with an open-enrollment and college prep curricula, Preparatory Charter is unique in many ways. In addition to the school day extended through tutoring sessions addressing regular classes as well as standardized tests, through Career Development class, all ninth through eleventh grade students are designated a site and a day each week where they report to one of twelve community organizations and receive hands on experience in a variety of careers.

At Preparatory Charter High School, graduation means more than a diploma; it is a head start on a future career.

The Preparatory Charter High School Career Development Program includes internships in the following careers:

Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Justice and Law

City Government


Career Development Sites:

Christopher Columbus Charter School

1242 South 13th Street

City Hall (City Council)

Broad and Market Streets

Court of Common Pleas

Broad and Market Streets

Criminal Justice Center

13th and Filbert Streets

Girard Elementary School

18th and Snyder Avenue

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

34th and Spruce Streets

Jury Commission

13th and Filbert Streets

Kirkbride Elementary School

7th and Dickinson Streets

Methodist Hospital

Broad and Wolf Streets

Pennsylvania Hospital

8th and Spruce Streets

Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School

2600 S. Broad Street

Register of Wills

Broad and Market Streets

Sharswood Elementary School

2nd and Wolf Streets

Southwark Elementary School

1835 South 9th Street

Taggart Elementary School

4th and Porter Streets

Abigail Vare Elementary School

5th and Federal Streets

Through the dual enrollment program, Prep Charter’s collaborative partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia enables twelfth grade students to begin the process of earning college credits concurrently with high school classes. Based upon the results of the College’s placement tests as well as demonstrated ability and maturity in grades nine through eleven, seniors are provided with the opportunity to earn three –to- six college credits per semester. Upon successful completion of courses, these credits are recorded on an official college transcript which may be applied toward a degree at the Community College of Philadelphia or transferred to a four year college. Remaining in compliance with providing tuition free education, as long as students remain in good academic standing, Prep Charter covers the cost of college courses and associated fees in which students are registered.

The benefits of college accessibility for high school students are numerous. In addition to being exposed to the rigors of college course work, the process of interacting with college professors and experiencing a college campus enhances students’ preparedness beyond academics. While still attending high school, students become familiar with the manner college environments function and learn to take advantage of the multitude of resources provided at the collegiate level. Moreover, research indicates that individuals who experience dual enrollment programs are more likely to enroll in college and to complete college degrees than those who did not participate in a dual enrollment program, particularly first-generation college students. Overall, each year, more than eighty percent of Preparatory Charter’s seniors successfully complete college coursework before receiving a high school diploma.